The Brand.

Our name has the feeling of an intersection by design, however, this is not a physical one.  Ours is metaphorical – the destination for the process in real estate.

HERITAGE: By definition is ‘a special or individual possession; an allotted portion’.  Spot on with your ownership of real estate, don’t you think? We are always willing to help, no matter what the needs of our clients may be.

MAIN: We love the way ‘it used to be’. Vibrant town centers, bustling commons, parades, – sounds a bit romantic, and somewhat cliche – but Main Street USA is community.

Our goal, is to have as pure of an understanding of your goals as possible. With that knowledge, we can most successfully guide you during the process.  This is one of the biggest decisions and purchases you will make in your financial life. It is not taken lightly on our end. We are here to help guide you down the path to home ownership and bring you to the closing table at the end.