The current state of the market…

I’ve been looking through the growing list of contacts that I have. There are a lot of folks who want to buy a home and have that ability right now. A decent amount of those same people have a home to sell.

The market is desperate for listings.

Did you know, those of you that have a house to sell – but are waiting to find your next home, that you can list your house and make the sale of it contingent upon you finding it? Sure can. If everyone did that, we would instantly create a much richer market. Are you one of those people in this situation? Want some help navigating it? Call me, 508.446.1932. Brian O’Neill (Broker: Brian C. O’Neill Ma: 9558445)

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  • Just read an article in the January 26th Boston Globe, written by Anthony Lamacchia, that reiterates this point.

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